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Hoosier Hospitality: Craft Beer

We celebrate the new WTIU original production Hoosier Hospitality: Craft Beer.

Glass of beer

Photo: The Weekly Special

There's much more to beer than just barley, hops and grain.

Hoosier Hospitality: Craft Beer

We talk with John Winninger about the upcoming WTIU television program, Hoosier Hospitality: Craft Beer, that features Indiana breweries, brewers, and beer enthusiasts.

Brewery Collectibles Club of America

We visit with BCCA South-Central Indiana Chapter Vice-President Tom Goecker to learn more about the history and fun of breweriana and the cans, bottles, coasters, taps and other items included in the hobby of collecting brewery-branded items.

Upland Brewery’s Gigantor

Any brewer will tell you that making the perfect beer is truly an art — and a new storage tank dubbed “Gigantor” means opportunities for more of it at Bloomington’s Upland Brewery.

Also On This Episode:

  • 2010 Homebrewer of the Year
    Shelbyville’s Bill Ballinger joins us in studio to talk about beer-making in the Hoosier state.
  • Homebrewing
    With some expert help, Joe takes the show home with him and attempts to brew up a batch of “Joe Hren Pale Ale” in his kitchen.
  • Traditional Irish Music
    Musicians Grey Larsen, Cindy Kallet, Sam Bartlett, and Eric Schedler highlight the presence of traditional Irish music in our area.