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Home Sweet Home

Pam and Joe explore some of the places Hoosiers call home.

Samara (John E Christian House) Entrance

Photo: Tim Musson, Wikimedia Commons

Samara (1956) by Frank Lloyd Wright in West Lafayette

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Samara:

We visit a homeowner who still lives in the home he commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to design over 50 years ago. Learn about the innovations and art the famous architect included in Samara.

Floyd County Cabin

An old log cabin near New Albany attracts the attention of the Heritage Preservation League. Does it hold historical significance worth saving?

Popa Wheelie

Columbus-based blues rock from Popa Wheelie.

Also On This Episode:

  • Straw Bale House: Tour a Bloomington bungalow in the final stages of a major renovation that uses straw bales as a major construction component.

Originally aired 5/19/2011