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Head Held High

From hot air balloons to proms, learn about unique people and organizations from across Indiana that are impacting their communities in unexpected ways!

Limelite Balloons

Photo: Sarah Curtiss

Andy Richardson inspects his hot air balloon prior to lift off in Bloomington, IN.

On This Episode

  • Into the Skies:  We take to the skies with Limelight Balloons!  Visit local businessman Andy Richardson as he prepares for the Hot Air Balloon World Championships!
  • Celebrating Courage:  Every kid deserves to just be a kid!  Join a local family taking part in the annual Riley Cancer Center Prom as they celebrate their son’s brave journey!
  • Talking with a Legend:  The Weekly Special sits down with the former PBS  NewsHour anchor, Jim Lehrer, to learn more about his greatest journalistic moments.
  • Jenn Cristy:  Local musician Jenn Cristy performs music from her new CD live in studio!