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Halloween Spooks

Storm Trooper costumes, haunted graveyards, and pumpkin art. It must be October on The Weekly Special.

The Legend of Stiffy Green:

We tell one of our favorite ghost stories: the tale of a mournful dog that haunts Terre Haute’s Highland Lawn Cemetery.

Also On This Episode

  • 501st Legion’s Bloodfin Garrison: Meet extreme costumers who show their love of Star Wars by building and wearing screen-accurate replicas.
  • Flu Shots: For some, nothing’s more terrifying than getting sick. Pam talks with an RN about this year’s flu shot while Joe rolls up his sleeve…
  • Glass Pumpkins: We visit the workshop of an area glass artists who shows us how she creates the beautiful glass pumpkins that appear on the Monroe County Courthouse Lawn each October.
  • Jason Fickel and Ginger Curry: Jason Fickel and Ginger Curry perform.