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Fur and Feathers

Pam and Joe share stories of felines big and small while Greg heads into the woods to discover the ancient sport of falconry.


Photo: Jacob Lindauer

Cedar, an Eastern Redtail hawk, is one of the hunting partners of Alan Pope, the Vice-President of the Indiana Falconers Association.

The Exotic Feline Rescue Center

Joe walks among the big cats to talk with volunteer and author Melanie Bowlin about her new book, Real Stories of Big Cat Rescues.

IndyFeral, Inc.

With over 170,000 feral cats in the greater Indianapolis area, we spend a day with IndyFeral volunteers to learn about Trap-Neuter-Return.

Indiana Falconers Association

Greg goes hunting with members of the Indiana Falconers Association and finds out there’s much more to this ancient sport then meets the eye.

Mike Milligan and Steam Shovel

Kokomo’s blues-rock superstars perform.

Previously aired: 2/11/11