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Fair Frolic

It's that time of year! Join the Weekly Special as we travel across Indiana to explore some of Hoosiers' favorite competitions and favorite contestants!

Tickle Me Elmo III

Photo: Sarah Curtiss, WTIU

At 1,303 pounds, Tickle Me Elmo III is crowned the "Largest Boar in the World," at the Indiana State Fair.

On This Episode

  • State of the Fair:  Get updates on some of the state fair’s most exciting additions including Bixby’s Rainforest, Cow Town USA, and the Pioneer Village!
  • Living History:  Meet Indiana’s draft horses as the The Weekly Special travels to Prophetstown to learn what these big beauties do when they aren’t competing at the fair!
  • Ready, Set, JUMP:  Travel to the Bartholomew County Fair where the contestants have spent a lifetime training, from tadpole to champion!
  • The Biggest Pig of All:

We visit the home of Indiana’s newly-crowned champion, Tickle Me Elmo III, and learn what it takes to care for a 1,300 pound pig!