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Daring Destinations

From haunted places to a zip line course high above Brown County, bravery is a must as Pam and Joe take us to some daring destinations.


We talk with Concrete Liberty and members of the Indiana University Longboarding Club to talk about the fast-paced sport that’s gaining popularity on Indiana’s hilly roads.

Agricultural Emergency Training

Farming is the second most dangerous profession in the State of Indiana. We tag along during a training day for area firefighters who will be the first to respond when an accident occurs.

The Tomb of Captain Francis McHarry

A steamboat historian tells us the tale of Captain Francis McHarry, a legendary boatsman whose curse still lingers over the Ohio River.

Brown County Zip Lines

eXplore Brown County at Valley Branch Retreat is a new attraction that takes visitors high above the valleys of Brown County.

Bloomington Ukulele Club


Members of the Bloomington Ukulele Club stop by to perform "Tonight You Belong To Me" and talk about the group's history and future.