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Community Spirit

This week's show features Hoosiers helping Hoosiers build better communities in various ways. And of course, we tell you how you can do your part as well.

Bloomington Playwrights Project Awarefest

We talk with organizers about the exciting series and watch the rehearsal of a scene from Public Relations Disaster.

Max Ehrmann Statue Unveiling

A new sculpture sits at America’s Crossroads in Terre Haute. Learn about more about the Hoosier poet who’s best known for his work ‘Desiderata.’

The Clayton Anderson Band

Clayton joins us in studio to perform songs from his debut album, Torn Jeans and Tailgates.

Also On This Episode

  • Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build: We take you to the parking lot of IU’s Memorial Stadium, where volunteers are coming together to build a home for a local single mom in need. And they’re doing it all in one week.
  • Meth in Indiana: A follow-up to last week’s InFocus episode that centered on the problem of meth in our state and some possibles solutions.
  • Fire Danger: Joe talks with farmers, firefighters, and weather experts about the ongoing drought and the risk of field fires. What can be done, and is there any relief in sight?