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Little Indiana

Cambridge City

Little Indiana visits the town voted a top weekend getaway by the “Best in the Midwest” magazine, Cambridge City, known as the antique alley of Indiana.

Want to venture to Cambridge City yourself?  Learn more about its great shops, entertainment, and restaurants at the Little Indiana website:  Little Indiana – Cambridge City.

  • Darcee Coffman

    I am from good old Cambridge City – born and raised. Unfortunately, I haven’t been back there since 2008. The thing I always love and miss most about Cambridge City is Hilltop. It’s the best restaurant there (in my opinion), hands down! No one will ever beat their chicken cutlet, diet cherry Coke or twist ice cream cones!

  • Missy

    This small own has also added 2 new restaurants
    Within the last year in The Briar Pitte and No. 9 Grill. It is great seeing so many people enjoying my hometown.

  • Jessica Nunemaker

    Good to know! :) I hope to make it back and check out the new dining options–and the new bed and breakfast I’ve been hearing about, too! Thanks for watching!

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