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On A Boat

Joe's on a boat as we learn about sailing, fly fishing, and environmental issues concerning an area lake. Plus a trip to a Kids Fishing Derby.

Patoka Lake Kids Fishing Derby

The kids compete for prizes at Patoka Lake. Who will catch the biggest, smallest, and most fish of the day?

Also On This Episode

  • Health of Griffy Lake: We investigate the ongoing efforts by the City of Bloomington to address the environment in and around Griffy Lake.
  • Monroe Lake Reservoir: Join Rex Watters as we learn about the flora and fauna of the Lake Monroe Reservoir. We also tag along as DNR staff and volunteers round up a flock of Canadian Geese for banding.
  • The Art of the Fly: Meet Ben West, a fly fisherman who finds inspiring beauty in nature – both above and below the water.
  • An Introduction to Sailing: The Weekly Special’s own John Winninger takes us to Lake Lemon to share his favorite sport, as well as give us a lesson that might help those who are intimidated by sailing consider the hobby for themselves.

Previously aired: 6/15/10