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The Great Train Episode

On location at the Indiana Transportation Museum, Joe takes to the rails... both models and the real thing.

Model Railroading

Members of the National Model Railroaders Association tell us why they love the hobby.

Also On This Episode

  • Indiana Transportation Museum: We take the show to Noblesville to get a back-stage tour of the Indiana Transportation Museum.
  • Rosedale Strawberry Festival and Train Show: Model railroad enthusiasts converge on Rosedale for a swap meet. We go along to learn about the business and the community of the hobby.
  • The Orphan Trains: More than a century ago an estimated 200 thousand children were left abandoned and homeless in Eastern U.S. cities. We offer up a history lesson about a movement that utilized the nation’s rail lines to take orphans to new homes in the mid-west.
  • McKnight’s Raiders: Get on board, but keep your valuables at home. There’s a train robbery about to take place at the French Lick Scenic Railway!

Previously aired: 6/7/10