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Volunteer support is critical to the success of WTIU. We rely on our volunteers at events throughout the year and also in our day-to-day business activities. The minimum age requirement is 16 years. Civic, social, and high school groups are welcome to participate in membership campaigns.

Here are some ways we could use your help:

Mailing team member

Collate, stuff materials, and label envelopes, program guides or packages.

Pledge phone volunteer

Work during on-air pledge campaigns to receive calls and record contributions from callers. Membership campaigns are held approximately 3 times throughout the year (March, August, and December).

Group participation

Groups are welcome to join us during our membership campaigns. Usually, we ask a group to provide 4-6 volunteers for a shift. It’s an exciting way to become involved in public television and a great opportunity for your organization to receive valuable on-air recognition.

Thank-a-thon volunteer

Call WTIU members to thank them for their generous support.

Production assistant

Perform miscellaneous duties to assist the Producer of On-air Fundraising.

Marketing assistant

Provide editorial and promotional support including publications/print and special events.

Educational Outreach assistant

Assist with WTIU Kids’ Club, Ready to Learn fairs, mailings, and school outreach activities.

For more information or to notify us of your interest in volunteering, please contact Laura Grannan at (812) 855-6114 or

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Laura Grannan

Member Services Coordinator

Call 812-855-6114