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Supporting WTIU is easy — your contribution automatically happens from month to month and from year to year until you tell us to stop.

WTIU Sustaining Members are a group of dedicated friends who make monthly gifts that provide a consistent, reliable income stream, allowing us to focus more resources on your favorite shows, and less on raising necessary funds.

Here are just a few advantages to becoming a Sustaining Member:

  • By spreading your support throughout the year, it will be easier on your budget.
  • You’ll receive less mail and fewer solicitations.
  • You’ll receive WTIU’s Viewing Guide each month.
  • You’ll receive a new WTIU MemberCard each year, featuring special sustainer-only benefits.
  • You can request a thank-you gift each year.
  • You’ll receive an annual summary of your monthly gifts for tax purposes.
  • Your membership will always be current.
  • You’re in control. You can change or stop your monthly gifts at any time by contacting WTIU’s Membership Department.

And, as a Sustaining Member, you increase the value of your gift by:

  • Providing WTIU with a stable source of monthly income to support the programs you enjoy.
  • Eliminating the cost — and the hassle — of renewal letters and telemarketing reminders.

Renewing your sustaining membership? No need to pledge again; contact us if you’d like to increase the amount of your current monthly gift. For your security, please do not email any financial account numbers.