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Bequests and special gifts are all that stand between an enlightened Indiana and a bland commercialized Indiana. That’s why I gave a gift in my will. And why your gift in your Will is so vital to the next generation.

Every gift matters.  It does not have to be large. Thank you!

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How to leave a gift of enlightenment, truth and joy.


If you have already included a gift WTIU in your Will, we ask you to please send us your email address or your phone number. We will then be discreetly in touch, so we can add your name accurately to the WTIU Limestone Legacy plaque. On that plaque, we honor all the wonderful donors who have put WTIU in their Wills. (Of course, you can remain “Anonymous” if you prefer.)


If you wish to consider including WTIU in your Will, but want more information, simply fill out the form below:

You don’t have to be rich to leave something priceless! Thank you!


Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey

A bequest to WTIU will "leave the light on" for the next generation. Make a lasting impression on the minds & hearts of Hoosiers.

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