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WTIU holds three on-air membership campaigns throughout the year—in March, August, and December.

These campaigns are WTIU’s most visible and important fundraising efforts. And throughout each campaign, we utilize many community volunteers to answer phones, process pledges, and participate on-air.

One of the best ways we can thank our volunteers is to keep them well-fed while working their shift. That’s where you come in! We rely on local businesses and restaurants to provide dinner or dessert donations for 12-15 volunteers.

As a food donor, you will receive on-screen recognition on the day of your donation and for approximately two weeks after the on-air membership campaign is over—as well as signage accompanying your donation in the volunteer hospitality room and a listing in WTIU’s viewing guide which is mailed to more than 4,000 members.

You will also receive a three-month complimentary membership to WTIU. And, your contribution may be eligible for a tax deduction in accordance with Indiana laws.

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Laura Grannan

Member Services Coordinator

Call 812-855-6114