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WTIU does so much for children! It is a major part of our mission. After all, PBS is considered America’s largest classrooms for kids and WTIU airs 6 hours of programming for children each day.

In the spring of 2013 a generous donor came forward with a gift to help us establish a long awaited endowment fund to support children’s programming and outreach at WTIU!

The endowment will spin off 5% of its earned interest each year for spending on programs

and activities for kids. We will be seeking contributions to increase the fund so that the annual income will be a meaningful support to WTIU’s work with children.

The WTIU Children’s Programming Endowment is a multiple-donor fund, so anyone can make a gift. We encourage you to do so. Click on the Give Now button to make a direct online gift:

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Or, make a check payable to the IU Foundation/WTIU Children’s Fund. Put the fund account number  37-RTVO-53 in the memo field of your check and send it to:

WTIU Children’s Programming Endowment
Radio-Television Services, Business Office
1229 East Seventh Street
Bloomington, IN 47405


  • 40 hours a week of PBS programming on WTIU’s main channel.
  • The Friday Zone has won 5 Emmy Awards and has been nominated for 14 Emmy Awards. It is produced by WTIU and broadcast by 5 Indiana public television stations.
  • 90% of viewers agree PBS is a safe place online and on TV for children’s media viewing.
  • WTIU gave away 3,500 free books  to children in its viewing area.
  • WTIU conducted 12 outreach activities for children across the channel’s viewing area.
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Nancy Krueger

Gift and Grants Officer

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