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What The University Of Phoenix's Cuts Say About The State Of For-Profit Colleges

It’s “another clear signal that there is a serious problem building in the education industry,” writes Wall Street Cheat Sheet: Multiple news outlets are reporting the company behind the University of Phoenix, a for-profit university with more than 328,000 students nationwide, is shuttering 115 brick-and-mortar locations in an effort to save more than $300 million as […]

Why More Teachers Are Getting Advanced Degrees From Online Schools

Western Governors University has its headquarters in Salt Lake City, but most online students never visit the Utah campus. About a third of WGU students in Indiana are enrolled in the school's teachers college.

A decade ago, the University of Phoenix awarded 72 online education degrees. In ten years, that number skyrocketed to 5,976. Western Governors University didn’t award any education degrees in 2001. Last year, the online university — based in Utah but with a state school here in Indiana — awarded nearly 2,000. The pace at which […]

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