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Why Education Is The Key To 'The American Dream'

On the Economix blog, economists Michael Greenstone and Adam Looney paint a depressing picture about our paychecks: Adjusted for inflation, wages for American men are essentially the same as they were in 1970, a phenomenon known as “wage stagnation.” Wages for women have risen since the ’70s, but there are early signs that even their wages […]

Why Your College Major Matters When You Lose Your Job

Our Lady teacher Matt Szumski assists a student reading during his social studies class.

As we’ve written, college graduates were more likely to keep their jobs during the recession than workers with less education. Now the latest report from the Indiana Business Research Center offers a glimpse at which degrees offered the most protection from unemployment. Graduates with degrees in architecture, industrial arts and engineering had a much higher […]

Why You'll Need A College Degree To Find A Job By 2018

If you’re looking to find a job in Indiana in the next seven years, here’s some advice: go to college. A new report from the Center on Education and the Workforce finds 48,500 blue collar jobs in Indiana’s manufacturing, construction, and agriculture sectors will disappear by 2018. White collar sectors like information technology, health science and […]

The New Achievement Gap? The Link Between Education & Unemployment

New numbers from a recent Gallup poll underscore the point once more: education pays, and generally, education employs. “In the U.S., the highly educated are most likely to be working full time for an employer,” the pollsters write, “highlighting the benefits of a good education during these difficult economic times.” High school graduates are twice […]

Effects Of National Dropout 'Crisis' Muted In Indiana

The nearly 1 million U.S. students who dropped out of school in 2010, including 4,100 in Indiana, face higher unemployment rates and higher risk of substance abuse and suicide, NPR is reporting in a special series this week. While Indiana’s dropout rate has dropped since 2006, NPR says the national numbers are much more stark.

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