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'Teaching To The Test': A Problem Worth Fixing? Or Not A Problem At All?

The sign outside a Greene County school encourages students as ISTEP+ testing gets underway.

There’s an oft-repeated critique of the education policy overhaul Indiana’s seen in recent years. An increased emphasis on exam scores, the line goes, has created a “one-size-fits-all accountability system [that] pressures school districts to spend an inordinate amount of time teaching to the test” — a charge many testing supporters call unfair. One scholar at […]

How Indiana Schools Are Fighting A Decrease In Teacher Collaboration Time

Second grade teachers at Anderson's Eastside Elementary School meet before school on a recent Wednesday morning. The teachers are sharing student quiz results and swapping teaching strategies as the principal (at center, faced away from the camera) takes notes.

It’s no secret that job dissatisfaction among teachers has reached an all-time high. But among the predictable factors behind this trend — shrinking budgets, increasing class sizes, frustrations over policy — there’s another reason that’s not talked about as much: not enough teamwork. In a recent survey, 36 percent of U.S. teachers reported seeing time […]

Mailbag: Teaching Testing As A Literary Genre

Is it “mumbo-jumbo for ISTEP preparation” — or a “clever” approach to getting ready for high-stakes tests? Last week’s post on a Bloomington charter school’s practice of teaching a short unit on standardized testing as a literary genre garnered quite a few varied reactions. (If you missed the post, check it out here.) A shortened radio version […]

What Happens When A Teacher Hands The Reins To His Students

For one day a week, students in Troy Cockrum’s middle school English classes will get free reign. “I gave them no rubric, no accountability lecture, nothing,” he blogs. “Just said that I’m hoping to get some creative and unique projects from them.”

Why Google+ Could Be An Education Game-Changer

Google’s newly-launched social network Google+ has been around for two weeks and it’s already getting a +1 from some educators. It got our edu-techie juices flowing when our Argo-blog cousins at KQED’s MindShift did this write-up on the potential for Google’s newly-launched social network Google+ to change social networking’s role in education:

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