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Fundamental Flaw In A Much-Hyped Teacher Survey?

We highlighted last week the results of a survey showing a precipitous drop in teacher job satisfaction over the last two years. But at Real Clear Politics, Andrew Rotherham says the numbers took a nosedive “based on dubious polling“: The much-touted data point about teacher satisfaction is, to put it politely, fundamentally flawed. MetLife asks about […]

How Districts Are Preparing For State-Mandated Teacher Evaluations

Washington math teacher Jodie Mojzik points to the projector during her lesson.

A new state law that requires annual evaluations for Indiana teachers doesn’t take effect until the 2012-13 school year, but school corporations are already preparing staff for the changes to come. Teachers in six districts began receiving feedback this year as part of a pilot program designed to offer insight to the rest of the […]

Why So Many More Teachers Hate Their Jobs Now

A teacher protests in Miami.

A recent survey’s results are surprising for just how unhappy teachers have become with their jobs in a short time — and, what’s more, that education policy changes arguably had little to do with it.

The 10 Biggest Pay Gaps Between Administrators And Teachers In Indiana Schools

The average Indiana public school administrator makes roughly $30,000 more than the average teacher, but there are a few districts and schools where that gap between salaries is at least twice as big — and statewide, the gap has gotten bigger. The data from the Indiana Department of Education show that five years ago, the […]

Have Colleges And Schools Set The Bar Too Low For Teachers?

Teachers aren’t held to rigorous standards, judging from the grades prospective teachers receive in college and their evaluations once they enter the classroom. So argues a new report, sponsored by the right-leaning American Enterprise Institute, which specifically singles out Indiana University’s education department for giving out an overwhelming majority of its students A’s. (Sound familiar? As […]

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