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Meet The Influencers: The Indiana State Teachers Association

Teachers and union workers came together last legislative session to protest bills which put limits on the collective bargaining process.  Along with teachers, the ISTA was able to work with other groups like the American Federation of Labor and The United Autoworkers in organizing these demonstrations.

Legislators from across Indiana are already in the statehouse pushing for everything from right to work to modifications to the state’s property tax code.  And where there are lawmakers there are lobbyists- influential outsiders trying to push their agendas through the halls of power.  We’ve been covering these entities in a series we’re calling “Meet […]

Is Indiana's Education Overhaul Burning Out Teachers?

Does Indiana have a teacher morale problem on its hands? Between higher stakes on state tests, and performance pay becoming mandatory next year, a new survey shows Indiana teachers feel the brunt of recent changes to state education policy.

Is Nation's Biggest Teacher's Union Drifting To The Right?

Fran Eaton, a conservative columnist who attended the National Education Association convention this past weekend, says it is: The headlines read, “NEA endorses Obama for second term,” but that’s not the whole story. The rank-and-file urged a delay in an early endorsement and to demand that Education Secretary Arne Duncan resign… Despite such gripes, the […]

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