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Do Occupy Protestors' Student Debt Demands Go Too Far?

For all the disparities in the movement’s demands, on at least one issue, Occupy protestors seem to be of one voice: Student debt levels are way too high — a belief Indiana’s high rate of student loan defaults and estimates of $1 trillion in nationwide student loan debt do little to contradict. But on the New York Times‘ […]

Indiana Student Loan Default Rate Tops All But Two Other States

It’s no secret: College is expensive. Indiana students take on a lot of debt to pay for it. As it turns out, though, it may be more debt than they can handle. Indiana’s 11.61 percent default rate on federal student loans is higher than the rates in all but two states — Arizona and Arkansas. That […]

Why College Might Be A Smarter Investment Than Stocks

College may cost more today than just a few years ago, but a new study finds it’s still a smarter investment than stocks or real estate. Why? People who earn college degrees get their money back over time — much more than any other financial investment. In the big picture, the left-leaning Brookings Institution also […]

Indiana Student Debt Burden Grew Sharply In Recent Years

For Indiana students, getting a college degree requires taking on the kind of debt that could pay for a new car. In 2006, that car could’ve been a Toyota. By 2009, that car could’ve been a BMW. Undergrads at Indiana colleges or universities took on an average of $30,000 in debt for each degree they earned […]

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