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Why History Has Some Economists Arguing For More Spending On Higher Education

Purdue University, where an average of 40 percent of all grades given out are A's.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s blog, Liberty Street Economics, had a pair of interesting posts this week about soaring college costs. (We recapped the first one here.) But here’s another way to look at state budget cuts: With tuition rising as public funding falls, economists question if land-grant universities — created to increase […]

How Shrinking State Budgets Drive College Tuition Hikes

The Campus Center at IUPUI's downtown Indianapolis campus.

It may seem like an obvious connection — more state budget cuts equal more students shouldering the burden in the form of tuition — but the statement is part of a much more complicated debate about what’s causing the cost of college to soar.

Why Some Hoosiers Would Rather See The State's Surplus Go Back To Schools

Gov. Mitch Daniels says Hoosiers could see an automatic tax refund next year, courtesy of a law the General Assembly passed in 2011 that requires the state return money to taxpayers when the surplus reaches a certain percent of the state’s budget. But Steve Hinnefeld over at School Matters argues that money could be better […]

Why Colleges Keep Building Even When Money's Tight

Ivy Tech Community College in Anderson

University buildings are aging, enrollments are increasing and state funding for new facilities is drying up. That means universities are more likely to go into debt to finance their next building project.

The Most Important People In Funding Your Child's Education

Indiana schools started the year with a new fiscal reality brought on by major changes to the state budget and a Constitutional amendment limiting property taxes. Governor Mitch Daniels was at the forefront of many of these changes during the last legislative session. But there are many other people working behind the scenes. They are the architects and advocates behind the money paying for your child’s education.

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