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How Indiana Took Sides In A Debate Over Deaf Schools

Grant Phillips, who is deaf, has had a cochlear implant since he was 16 months old. The device allows him to hear normally, but the implant's use has been controversial within the deaf community.

Reported by Gretchen Frazee Members of the deaf community have long debated whether deaf students should use medical hearing devices and be mainstreamed into the hearing culture, or whether they should be enrolled in schools that provide a more specialized education and promote the use of sign language. In Indiana, that debate has come to […]

Why Special Education Advocates Are On Edge Over New Teacher Licensing Rules

Becoming a teacher is no longer a matter of earning an education degree. College graduates are taking more alternative tracks into teaching that don’t involve going back to school for another four years. But some colleges of education worry a change to Indiana’s teacher licensing rules could make it too easy to earn credentials to […]

Special Education Programs Could Be Target Of Budget Cuts

Our partners at Indiana Public Media have this report on special education funding. The average cost to educate a student is $10,000. That total goes up to $15,000 to educate someone with severe disabilities. With the state decreasing base level funds, schools are looking at ways to cut costs. Special needs programs could be dramatically […]

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