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State Panel Approves Rewired School Letter Grading System

All Indiana schools will now earn state letter grade ratings based not only on changes in the school’s passage rates on state tests, but on “growth” in individual students’ test scores from year to year. The Indiana State Board of Education approved this move by a 6-2 vote Wednesday morning as part of an effort […]

The Prime Function Of School Letter Grades: Conversation Starter

This year, 244 Indiana schools received the same rating as they did last year. This year, though, the ratings look and sound different — what were “Academic Progress” ratings in 2010 are equivalent to C’s under the 2011 system. The formula for determining the rating didn’t change, but Jon Gubera, the Indiana Department of Education’s chief […]

The New Achievement Gap? The Link Between Education & Unemployment

New numbers from a recent Gallup poll underscore the point once more: education pays, and generally, education employs. “In the U.S., the highly educated are most likely to be working full time for an employer,” the pollsters write, “highlighting the benefits of a good education during these difficult economic times.” High school graduates are twice […]

Why Indiana Decided To Drop Its Unpopular Cap On School Letter Grades

“No one liked” the cap that limited a school’s state-issued letter grade rating to a C unless the school met performance goals laid out under No Child Left Behind, a top state education official tells StateImpact. But Jon Gubera, Chief Accountability Officer at the Indiana Department of Education, also says the unpopularity of the so-called “AYP […]

'AYP Cap' Lowered State Letter Grades Of 300+ Indiana Schools

State superintendent Tony Bennett announced this week the Indiana Department of Education no longer wants to cap a school’s letter grade at a C if it fails to make adequate progress under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. The change would require State Board of Education approval. That announcement comes too late for 319 […]

Changes To Indiana School Rating System Will Include Graduation Rates & Drop 'AYP Cap'

State superintendent Tony Bennett will propose Wednesday to change the criteria the state uses to issue its letter-grade ratings for public schools. Bennett told the audience at a Bloomington education panel Tuesday the new rating system will drop a requirement that schools meet the yearly performance goals set out under the federal No Child Left […]

School Rating System Shows Indiana Has More, Not Necessarily Better Charter Schools

Ninth graders listen to Jodie Mojzik's math lesson at George Washington Community High School, a public school in Indianapolis.

If 2011 was the “most successful year” for Indiana schools under the state’s rating system, school-level data analyzed by StateImpact suggest charter schools aren’t sharing in the success. Even though Indiana schools can’t earn higher than a C rating without meeting federal NCLB standards, the data show private and traditional public schools’ average ratings under Public Law […]

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