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Why We Probably Shouldn't Worry About A Slight Decrease In Scores On The SAT

About 69 percent of Indiana students take the SAT.

The claim that only 43 percent of college-bound seniors are college ready is inaccurate, writes Matthew Di Carlo in his critique of the College Board’s report on SAT scores. From Shanker Blog: The difference between “43 percent of college-bound seniors” and “43 percent of SAT takers” is not just semantic. It is critical. The former […]

Confessed SAT Scammer: Cheating On College Entrance Exams Is 'Easy Money'

His prosecutor called him an “academic gun-for-hire.” He took payments from other high school students, then took their college entrance exams for them. And Sam Eshaghoff, 19, told CBS it was “easy money.” Eshaghoff was the first of 20 students authorities — among them, a current Indiana University student — arrested in November on similar charges. He […]

IU Student Charged In Alleged New York Cheating Ring

A burgeoning SAT and ACT cheating scandal in New York state has ensnared an Indiana University student. IU sophomore Adam Justin surrendered to investigators in Nassau County, N.Y., on Tuesday. Prosecutors say he’s one of four students who accepted payment from nine other Long Island-area students to take their SAT or ACT exams. Justin is one of 20 students […]

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