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How Much American Teachers Don't Make

American teachers work more than 300 hours per year longer than educators in other developed countries. But they only earn two-thirds the average pay other college graduates receive.

The 10 Biggest Pay Gaps Between Administrators And Teachers In Indiana Schools

The average Indiana public school administrator makes roughly $30,000 more than the average teacher, but there are a few districts and schools where that gap between salaries is at least twice as big — and statewide, the gap has gotten bigger. The data from the Indiana Department of Education show that five years ago, the […]

Top Five Hidden Costs Of Starting An Indiana Charter School

A few weeks ago, we reported that only 19 of Indiana’s 92 counties have at least one charter school. Most of those are in big cities like Indianapolis and Gary.  This got us thinking:  What would it look like to start a charter school in a rural place such as Worthington?  As part of our […]

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