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Changes To Indiana School Rating System Will Include Graduation Rates & Drop 'AYP Cap'

State superintendent Tony Bennett will propose Wednesday to change the criteria the state uses to issue its letter-grade ratings for public schools. Bennett told the audience at a Bloomington education panel Tuesday the new rating system will drop a requirement that schools meet the yearly performance goals set out under the federal No Child Left […]

School Rating System Shows Indiana Has More, Not Necessarily Better Charter Schools

Ninth graders listen to Jodie Mojzik's math lesson at George Washington Community High School, a public school in Indianapolis.

If 2011 was the “most successful year” for Indiana schools under the state’s rating system, school-level data analyzed by StateImpact suggest charter schools aren’t sharing in the success. Even though Indiana schools can’t earn higher than a C rating without meeting federal NCLB standards, the data show private and traditional public schools’ average ratings under Public Law […]

Which Indiana Schools Are At The Highest Risk Of 'Failing'?

Frustrations from top IPS leaders vented at a school board meeting Thursday, August 26, aren't necessarily shared by everyone in the individual schools.

Statewide school performance numbers released Monday show five schools — including one charter — at the greatest risk of meeting the same fate next year as the seven “failing” schools now facing state intervention. State law mandates no school can get an “F” rating — indicating the school is on “academic probation” — more than five […]

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