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What Average Net Price By Income Can (And Can't) Tell Us About College Costs

Here’s a new tool Indiana families can use to help estimate the cost of college. The Federal Education Budget Project has added net price by income level to its database of U.S. colleges and universities. Clare McCann of Ed Money Watch explains: Net price by income level can be a valuable tool for potential students […]

How The Right College Loans To The Wrong Students Can Push Tuition Up

According to an old theory of educational economics, college financial aid becomes a vicious cycle: When more financial aid is made available to students, universities will hike tuition to make sure they pocket more of that money. Research released this month has breathed new life into that disputed theory — at least in part. Financial aid for […]

What The Debt Ceiling Deal Means For Education

Circle and star a new date on your calendars, political wonks: November 23, 2011. If lawmakers can’t agree on new cuts to discretionary spending by then, as they say they will under Sunday’s debt ceiling deal, then $500 billion in deep, across-the-board cuts kick in automatically — and education would be one of the specific […]

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