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Why A Romney Presidency Could Mean A Departure From Obama's NCLB Waivers

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Mitt Romney hasn’t said outright he’d dismiss the Obama administration’s No Child Left Behind waivers if elected president, but an advisor hinted that would be the case Monday night. Phil Handy “filled in many of the blanks” for those curious about Romney’s positions during an Education Week-sponsored debate in New York, writes Michele McNeil: The waivers are “not about flexibility. […]

Here's What To Listen For During Wednesday's Presidential Debate

Emily Richmond has a list of buzzwords on the The Educated Reporter blog we might listen for during the first presidential debate in Denver tonight. It’s inevitable that education will come up, she writes, but don’t count on a long discussion: That’s not because the candidates don’t have anything to say on the issue, or that they don’t […]

Why Common Core Academic Standards Are Dividing Republicans On Education

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush speaks at the Republican National in Tampa on Aug. 30, 2012. Bush and other GOP governors have offered support for Common Core academic standards, but Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney says he doesn't want federal dollars going to implement the new curriculum.

Forty-six states and the District of Columbia are on track to adopt the Common Core by 2014, but federal support for new academic standards is likely to diminish if Mitt Romney is elected in November. The Republican presidential candidate told NBC’s Brian Williams he doesn’t believe states should receive financial help to implement the changes, writes Alyson […]

GOP Party Platform Endorses Expanding School Choice, Criticizes Teachers Unions

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney greets students at a charter school in Philadelphia. Romney said federal funds under his new education plan will allow low income children to attend any school in their state.

Keeping a close eye on what’s happening at the GOP convention in Tampa? We are, too. The Republican party platform released Tuesday reflects Mitt Romney’s plans for overhauling public education. Politics K-12, EdWeek‘s policy blog, offers a good primer on what a Romney presidency could mean for schools. On tap: More support for vouchers, technical […]

Why Mitt Romney's Education Plan Will Sound Familiar To Hoosiers

As James E. Ryan writes for The New York Times‘ Campaign Stops blog, the education plan the Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney unveiled last week flies in the face of conventional wisdom on district boundaries: For the last half-century, just about every education reform — from desegregation to school choice — has taken care to […]

What A Mitt Romney Candidacy Means For Indiana Education

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has repeatedly complimented President Obama on several education initiatives put forward in recent years.

According to political monitoring website, Real Clear Politics, Mitt Romney currently leads in all of the most recent Republican presidential primary polls by a margin of as much as 15 percent. With this in mind, StateImpact Indiana has decided to take a closer look at Romney’s education platform. Official Platform Romney’s official campaign website only […]

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