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NYT: Why Teachers Tend To Impact Math Scores More Than Reading Scores

On the second-to-last day of classes, Sandorf passes out John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" to his students. He hopes he can "get them hooked" and that some students will finish the story over the summer with the assistance of a district-provided online program.

While school leaders “often fret about the state of math education, particularly in comparison with other countries,” New York Times education reporter Motoko Rich writes teachers’ greater challenge may be boosting reading scores — particularly at low-income schools: Studies have repeatedly found that “teachers have bigger impacts on math test scores than on English test scores,” […]

Mailbag: Your Thoughts On Indiana's Changing Math Standards

The Common Core standards may mean a shift in math instruction in the early grades.

Our story on how the Common Core is changing math instruction in Indiana has been generating a great conversation in the comments section. We like to highlight interesting discussion in our occasional series, Mailbag. So if you have something to add about the Common Core math standards, we want you to weigh in. If you’re a teacher, […]

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