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Some Ground Rules For Our Comments Sections


StateImpact Indiana aims to foster meaningful conversation and thoughtful dialogue about education policy in Indiana. Our promise to you is to do our utmost to elevate conversation about education policy above the usual partisan rancor — above political parties, talking points, and position statements — to involve all of the wide variety of stakeholders involved in the policymaking process. We hope you return the favor by offering comments that passionately address to the issues at hand,

  • using relevant links to evidence to support your points,
  • respecting our prohibition on spam comments (which includes shameless self-promotion** — be sensible please),
  • avoiding ad hominem attacks on other commenters or the bloggers, and
  • refraining from posts that are derogatory, rude or irrelevant.

StateImpact Indiana will moderate the comments section. We’ll remove comments violating the letter or spirit of the above rules — but we’ll always leave a comment ourselves explaining why a comment was removed. We’ll also participate in the comments section as often as we see appropriate. (We love asking follow-up questions, we hope you’ll answer!)

** UPDATE 8/25/11: StateImpact Indiana considers “shameless self-promotion” to be posting links to your own blog without really substantively engaging with the authors or other commenters. We’re flattered there those who are seeking to grow their own blog’s audiences by posting links in our comments sections — but we’d rather see this behavior paired with good conversation and dialogue about education policy.

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