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StateImpact Indiana aims to foster meaningful conversation and thoughtful dialogue about education policy in Indiana. Our promise to you is to do our utmost to elevate conversation about education policy above the usual partisan rancor — above political parties, talking points, and position statements — to involve all of the wide variety of stakeholders involved in the policymaking process. We hope you return the favor by offering comments that passionately address to the issues at hand,

  • using relevant links to evidence to support your points,
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StateImpact Indiana will moderate the comments section. We’ll remove comments violating the letter or spirit of the above rules — but we’ll always leave a comment ourselves explaining why a comment was removed. We’ll also participate in the comments section as often as we see appropriate. (We love asking follow-up questions, we hope you’ll answer!)

** UPDATE 8/25/11: StateImpact Indiana considers “shameless self-promotion” to be posting links to your own blog without really substantively engaging with the authors or other commenters. We’re flattered there those who are seeking to grow their own blog’s audiences by posting links in our comments sections — but we’d rather see this behavior paired with good conversation and dialogue about education policy.

Latest Posts

Mailbag: Your Thoughts On Glenda Ritz's Defeat Of Tony Bennett


Our comments section has been buzzing after Glenda Ritz’s electoral victory over state superintendent Tony Bennett. We decided to highlight some of the most compelling comments here in the latest installment of our occasional series, Mailbag. From INDIANAREPUBLICAN: I guess Pence didn’t get the message that the people of Indiana want input into their schools and not be told […]

Mailbag: Did Media Hype Fuel Debate Over Beef Filler In School Lunches?

We waded into the debate last week over a kind of beef product found in meals served in schools — a debate that may have flared only because of a nauseating nickname for the product: “pink slime.” We wrote the ammonia-treated beef filler, which industry says consists of meat that couldn’t be previously removed with a […]

Mailbag: Teaching Testing As A Literary Genre

Is it “mumbo-jumbo for ISTEP preparation” — or a “clever” approach to getting ready for high-stakes tests? Last week’s post on a Bloomington charter school’s practice of teaching a short unit on standardized testing as a literary genre garnered quite a few varied reactions. (If you missed the post, check it out here.) A shortened radio version […]

Mailbag: 'Are All Colleges For-Profit On Some Level?'

After entering the crosshairs of Congress last month, for-profit colleges entered many of our commenters’ crosshairs last week. Reacting to our post about a GAO report that targeted for-profit higher education institutions, commenter “Alex” framed the debate this way: This is really about a “sub-prime college degree”. It is the same business model sub-prime mortgage […]

Mailbag: School Vouchers And The Indiana State Teachers Association

About 4,000 students are currently participating in the voucher program.

We put up two interviews with opposing viewpoints on the issue of school vouchers. The first came from Indiana State Teachers Association President Nate Schnellenberger. Virtually all of the students using vouchers are attending religious schools and most of the schools accepting vouchers are religious schools. This is why we are pursuing a lawsuit against […]

Mailbag: Teaching With YouTube

StateImpact went viral! Not on YouTube, but with our post on YouTube — or more broadly, online videos, and how teachers are using them in place of in-class lectures. A lot of teachers shared their experiences with the “flipped classroom” in our post’s comments section. To try and get a sense of what they think about […]

Mailbag: Controversial Charter Schools And Achievement Gaps

Our article about the controversy surrounding charter schools created some controversy of it’s own. Reader inteach expressed concerns about the non-unionized nature of many charter schools. Teachers are wary of charters for three reasons. First, they see them draining money and the best students away from traditional public schools. Second, they see the working conditions in […]

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