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State Panel Approves Rewired School Letter Grading System

All Indiana schools will now earn state letter grade ratings based not only on changes in the school’s passage rates on state tests, but on “growth” in individual students’ test scores from year to year. The Indiana State Board of Education approved this move by a 6-2 vote Wednesday morning as part of an effort […]

Opponents Of Sped-Up School Takeover Timeline Let State Officials Have It

Opponents of a rule that could put 105 schools in jeopardy for state intervention or takeover next year voiced their displeasure Tuesday at a public meeting in Indianapolis before the state executive panel behind the proposed change. One member of the Indiana Board of Education was present at the hearing for a proposed rule to […]

State Expects All Indiana Schools To Earn A's By 2020

Indiana education officials have dropped ambitious federal goals for student performance spelled out under No Child Left Behind. In their place, the state’s adopting what it calls an “ambitious and achievable” goal of its own: Every Indiana school must earn a state letter grade of an A — or failing that, improve two letter grades […]

The Prime Function Of School Letter Grades: Conversation Starter

This year, 244 Indiana schools received the same rating as they did last year. This year, though, the ratings look and sound different — what were “Academic Progress” ratings in 2010 are equivalent to C’s under the 2011 system. The formula for determining the rating didn’t change, but Jon Gubera, the Indiana Department of Education’s chief […]

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