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Interactive Map: 2012 ISTEP+ Results By Grade & Corporation


Here is a map of results for the 2012 ISTEP+ exams, Indiana’s benchmark statewide test:

If you’d like to see how your school did individually, click here to search our easily-sortable table. We’ve included traditional public schools, charter schools and private schools.

Indiana students took the exam in two sittings. Schools statewide administered the “applied skills” portion in early March, followed by a separate multiple choice portion in late April and early May.

Each student was tested in two core subject areas — English Language Arts (ELA) and Math — which are used in setting a school’s state letter grade. Additionally, fourth and sixth graders are tested in science, and fifth and seventh graders are tested in social studies.

The data used for the map above came from the Indiana Department of Education. Fields with asterisks (***) indicate state education officials did not release results for this school or subgroup because there were fewer than 10 students with results and releasing this information would breach privacy laws.

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