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What's Next After Alabama School Board Passes On White For Top Job?

Indianapolis Public Schools superintendent Eugene White came within one vote of the top job in the Mobile, Alabama school district, reports Scott Elliott of the Indy Star. But after the Mobile school board ultimately opted to hire a compromise candidate (the current interim superintendent) it appears White will be staying in Indianapolis — at least [...]

'Eugene White Doesn't Want To Be Kicked Around'

If Indianapolis Public Schools superintendent Eugene White is leaving, it won’t be for Greenville, S.C. Greenville’s school board decided to pass on White and appoint an in-house candidate as their next superintendent last night. White interviewed Tuesday for the top job in Mobile, Ala., where he’s a finalist. Why make for the exit now? For one [...]

Teachers Say Students Have Been Left In The Dark On Takeover Details

Indianapolis Public Schools officials let students at the four buildings facing state-led takeovers choose where they want to go to school next year, so long as they made a decision by February. By the time decision day came, almost 1,400 of them decided to transfer to another IPS school. Nearly 1,800 others will stay put as [...]

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