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How State Dollars Could Fund Your District's Next Tech Initiative

Sophomores Dylan Woodward (left) and Adam Bennett use their netbooks to finish an assignment in their chemistry class at Evansville's Harrison High School. By the sheer number of devices involved, the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation runs perhaps the largest "one-to-one" laptop initiative of any district in Indiana.

In some ways, Evansville teacher Brian Bennett’s chemistry class is a lot like any other. Students cluster in groups, solving chemistry equations with pencil, paper and calculator at the ready. But when students Dylan Woodward and Adam Bennett forget a key part of a formula for a problem they’re working on, the differences become more […]

How iPads Are Finding Footing In The Indiana E-Textbook Market

A number of Indiana schools have invested in bulk purchasing iPad’s for students, often with the help of state or federal grants. Indiana University-Bloomington has a number of iPad-specific projects, including a class that focuses on creating app-based “textbooks” for the iOS platform. Big name textbook publishers like Pearson and McGraw-Hill have also dived into […]

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