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Senate Kills Bill That Would Have Bypassed Teachers Unions

Senate President Pro Tem David Long announced Thursday the Senate would not move forward with House Bill 1004, which would have allowed school districts to offer teachers in hard to fill areas more money without consulting a teacher’s union. The bill was largely controversial because teachers unions said the law would pit teachers against one another: […]

Bill To Help Fund School Buses Likely Won’t Help School Districts

SB 280 wants to help school districts like Ft. Wayne Community Schools fund school transportation. (photo credit: jason.kuffer/ flickr) Over the last decade, school districts across the state have cut bus routes to save money – making moving students to and from school a much bigger chore. A bill that passed the state Senate aims to free […]

What Made It Through The First Half Of The Legislative Session?

This week marked the halfway point for the 2016 General Assembly – when the house and senate pass their original bills and then switch, passing them to the other house. Following are the education bills that made it through the first half and moved to the opposite chamber. [Check out our database of all education legislation, updated every week.] […]

Where The Biggest Education Bills Are Midway Through Session

This week marks the halfway point of the 2016 legislative session Legislators will spend the week finalizing which bills will go to the opposite chamber, thus moving them into the next phase of the legislative process. The House and Senate must pass any bills originating in their chamber by Wednesday if the bill is to continue […]

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