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Why Snow Days Might Be Bad For Kids

The first flakes of the '11-12 school year fell on November 29 and were forecasted to continue overnight.

Snow days: good for kid movie plots — and bad for kids’ test scores? As parts of Indiana brace for the first slushy snowfall of the season, consider a 2009 study that found passage rates on standardized math tests fell by as much as half of a percentage point for each inch of snow. The study’s authors looked […]

Interactive Map: A Handy Guide To Voucher Schools

Much of the controversy around school vouchers has focused on the religious nature of many private schools taking part in the program. And it’s true. About 98 percent of all voucher schools are Christian schools. But we decided to look at vouchers from a different angle. How well are these schools performing on the state’s […]

Mailbag: Controversial Charter Schools And Achievement Gaps

Our article about the controversy surrounding charter schools created some controversy of it’s own. Reader inteach expressed concerns about the non-unionized nature of many charter schools. Teachers are wary of charters for three reasons. First, they see them draining money and the best students away from traditional public schools. Second, they see the working conditions in […]

Could Making Standardized Tests Less Secure Stop Teacher Cheating?

Here’s a thought:  If teacher cheating scandals in Atlanta and elsewhere are the result of keeping standardized tests top secret, why not put test items “out in the sun instead of trying to lock them up in more and more secure rooms”? That’s the proposal Stanford economist and education expert Eric Hanushek offered on the EducationNext blog. […]

Why One Indianapolis School Will Welcome State Intervention

Was news of state intervention a downer for staff at Indianapolis’s Washington Community High School? No — far from it. “We were elated,” said Jim Grim, Washington’s director of community engagement. The Indiana Department of Education decided not to take over the school, but instead to enlist the help of two outside organizations to help […]

Voucher Program Schools (Still) Have Higher Test Scores Than Public Schools

170 non-public schools have signed up for Indiana’s new private and parochial school voucher program since standardized test scores were released in mid-July. But even as the pool of voucher schools has grown, state data show there hasn’t been a regression to the mean in the average voucher school ISTEP+ passage rate. Translation: Test scores […]

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