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'Teaching To The Test': A Problem Worth Fixing? Or Not A Problem At All?

The sign outside a Greene County school encourages students as ISTEP+ testing gets underway.

There’s an oft-repeated critique of the education policy overhaul Indiana’s seen in recent years. An increased emphasis on exam scores, the line goes, has created a “one-size-fits-all accountability system [that] pressures school districts to spend an inordinate amount of time teaching to the test” — a charge many testing supporters call unfair. One scholar at […]

Pal-Item: How Weather-Related School Closings Affect ISTEP Testing

A snowman with his snowson on a leash.

From the Richmond Palladium-Item: Despite Wednesday’s widespread closings of area schools, local educators still expect most students to complete the administration of Indiana’s high-stakes standards exam, the ISTEP, by the end of this week. Indiana schools actually have until March 13 to finish the applied skills, or the written part, of the exam. The testing […]

Why Indiana May Need To Tighten Rules That Govern Online Schools

Students at Indiana’s online schools did not fare as well as their peers on a statewide standardized test, writes Kate Jacobson of the Indianapolis Star: This past week, the state released scores on its ISTEP standardized test given to all students in Grades 3-8. All three Hoosier Academies schools had pass rates lower than the […]

Why It Might Not Be A Smooth Transition To Online Standardized Testing After All

Wyoming provides a cautionary tale to states and school districts making the move to online standardized testing, writes Jill Barshay of the Hechinger Report: Online testing was such a debacle that voters threw the state superintendent of education out of office and the state sued Pearson, the company hired to administer the test. (The state […]

Two Indiana Districts Investigating Possible Breeches Of Testing Rules

A student writing at East Side Intermediate School in Anderson.

Local school administrators in two separate districts are now investigating whether strict rules designed to keep statewide standardized testing secure were breeched at two Indiana schools, StateImpact confirmed Friday. Officials at the Indiana Department of Education have been informed of the alleged security breeches, spokesperson Stephanie Sample says — one at North Central High School […]

Q&A: Why Downplaying The Common Core Could Be A Bad Idea

Kathleen Porter-Magee studies the state academic standards for the Fordham Institute, an education policy think tank that generally supports vouchers, charter schools and the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. (We wrote about that last week.) She, like many education policy wonks, has her reservations about the Common Core. She worries the new standardized tests […]

Mailbag: Teaching Testing As A Literary Genre

Is it “mumbo-jumbo for ISTEP preparation” — or a “clever” approach to getting ready for high-stakes tests? Last week’s post on a Bloomington charter school’s practice of teaching a short unit on standardized testing as a literary genre garnered quite a few varied reactions. (If you missed the post, check it out here.) A shortened radio version […]

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