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More Indiana Students Graduating High School Without Waivers

Indiana's graduation rate has ticked up 10 points in the past five years.

Though the state’s overall graduation rate was virtually unchanged between 2012 and 2013, the non-waiver graduation rate increased about one percent in 2012 — up to 81.7 percent from 80.5 percent. That means more students are meeting all of the requirements for graduation, such as passing statewide math and English language arts tests.

While Few Students Drop Out, Indiana's Graduation Rate Slightly Lags Nation

A map from the U.S. Department of Education: "The average freshman graduation rate for public high school students, 2009-10."

78.2 percent of American high school students graduated on time in the 2009-10 school year, which the U.S. Department of Education says marks the highest point in the nation’s graduation rate since 1974. While Indiana’s method for calculating high school graduation rates differs from the federal government’s, the numbers released this week shows Indiana’s graduation rate at […]

How Changing High School Exit Exams Could Prepare More Students For College

Indiana teachers will have to start teaching Common Core standards in 2014, but the results of a recent Michigan State University survey suggest educators nationwide don't see the changes to curriculum as substantial.

End-of-course assessments — the tenth grade exams Indiana high school students must pass in order to graduate — aren’t a great predictor of success in college. But that could change when Indiana adopts Common Core academic standards and replaces end-of-course assessments with the PARCC exam in 2014. According to a recent Center on Education Policy report, many states are […]

What School Performance Can — And Can't — Tell Us About College Preparedness

Indiana University researcher Adam Maltese is a former science teacher.

In order to graduate, Indiana high schoolers have to take tenth grade tests in math and English language arts. The Indiana Department of Education takes a keen interest in seeing school-wide improvement on these tests, which factor into the school’s letter grade. But an Indiana University researcher has found that students who attend schools where […]

The Difference Waivers Make In Indiana's Graduation Rates

More than 85 percent of Indiana students graduated from high school at the end of last school year — a new record that represents the fifth straight year of increases. But that doesn’t mean all of them passed the state tests they’re supposed to pass in order to earn their diploma.

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