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What Does It Mean For A School To 'Fail'?


Schools classified in the lowest category of performers in the state for six consecutive years can be taken over by the Indiana State Board of Education.

Currently, 17 schools fall into this category — including about half of the high schools in the struggling Indianapolis Public School Corporation.

The Board of Education is empowered to take a number of remediation efforts, including turning over administration of the school to an outside manager or charter school operator.

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Which Indiana Schools Are At The Highest Risk Of 'Failing'?

Frustrations from top IPS leaders vented at a school board meeting Thursday, August 26, aren't necessarily shared by everyone in the individual schools.

Statewide school performance numbers released Monday show five schools — including one charter — at the greatest risk of meeting the same fate next year as the seven “failing” schools now facing state intervention. State law mandates no school can get an “F” rating — indicating the school is on “academic probation” — more than five […]

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