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Teachers Say Students Have Been Left In The Dark On Takeover Details

Indianapolis Public Schools officials let students at the four buildings facing state-led takeovers choose where they want to go to school next year, so long as they made a decision by February. By the time decision day came, almost 1,400 of them decided to transfer to another IPS school. Nearly 1,800 others will stay put as […]

Q&A with Matthew Tully: How 'Apathy' Is Hurting Poor, 'Failing' Schools

Indianapolis Star columnist Matthew Tully discusses what he learned from embedding in Emmerich Manual High School in Indianapolis for the duration of the 2009-10 school year. The state would go on to labeled the school as 'failing,' and Manual now faces state takeover.

The idea popped into his head, Matthew Tully says, two days before Indianapolis Public Schools opened the 2009-10 school year. “I sent an e-mail to the school district, and all I said was, ‘Hey, do you mind if I spend some time at Manual High School?’” he recalls in an interview with StateImpact. He thought […]

The Track Records Of The Companies Tapped For Indiana Interventions

A nationwide report released Friday shows the number of companies founded to run schools on a for-profit basis has nearly doubled in the past decade, and the number of students enrolled in the schools these companies run has almost tripled. But the report — from the National Education Policy Center — also offers insights on […]

The Details Parents At Indianapolis Takeover Schools Have Been Waiting For

Indianapolis parents say they’re finally hearing some of the answers they’ve been seeking about what activities the charter school company taking over Emmerich Manual High School next year will offer. Manual will have a football program again next year, Jon Hage, president and CEO of takeover company Charter Schools USA, told about two dozen people at a […]

Meet Your New Boss: Charter Schools USA

Florida based Charters Schools USA is one of the oldest and largest for profit charter operators in the country, with schools in Florida, Louisiana, and Georgia. Charter Schools USA was founded in 1997, and manages 31 schools on 27 separate campuses. According to the companies website, Charter Schools USA uses a proprietary curriculum based on […]

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