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The Track Records Of The Companies Tapped For Indiana Interventions

A nationwide report released Friday shows the number of companies founded to run schools on a for-profit basis has nearly doubled in the past decade, and the number of students enrolled in the schools these companies run has almost tripled. But the report — from the National Education Policy Center — also offers insights on […]

Republican Party Says Donations To Bennett Legitimate Contributions From Reform Minded Companies

Bennett says a number of companies were evaluated by IDOE official prior to making a decision

Officials released this statement in response to yesterday’s report, which revealed Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett had received donations from two companies who stand to benefit from plans to take over four Indianapolis schools. “It’s not surprising two groups committed to education reform throughout the country have in the past supported one of […]

Indiana Superintendent Received Donations From Two Companies Involved In "Failing" Schools Plan


Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett received three thousand dollars in donations from two vendors connected with two “failing” schools in Indianapolis.  In 2009, Bennett received two thousand dollars from Edison Learning, the company selected to take over Theodore Roosevelt Career and Technical Academy in Gary.  That same year, Bennett accepted a campaign donation […]

In Gary & Indy, Frustrations Bubble Up Over State Intervention

Gary Community Schools officials say they felt out of the loop on the Indiana Department of Education’s plans to assume management of one of its schools the state labeled as “failing,” reports our partner station Lakeshore Public Radio. Superintendent Myrtle Campbell told reporter Steve Walsh she first learned of the state’s intention to appoint private […]

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