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Core Questions: What Do You Want to Know About The Common Core Education Standards?


What do you want to know about the new Common Core education standards? Have any questions that need answering?

Indiana and 44 other states are on track to adopt these new academic standards — and all of the curricula and tests that accompany them — within the next academic year. But many parents are still unclear as to how this will affect their children. Many teachers aren’t sure how they’ll teach to the new standards. And many school administrators are struggling with managing all the change.

Send us your questions at with the subject line “Core Questions.” You can also send us a message on Twitter (@StateImpactIN) or on our Facebook page. Please tell us if you’re are parent, a teacher, a principal, a policy maker or a concerned citizen who cares about how the Common Core is going to change education in our state. We’ll find answers and share them right here at StateImpact Indiana.

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