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What National College Rankings Can Tell Us About Indiana Schools

Indiana's most famous private university, Notre Dame in South Bend.

While the college rankings released Wednesday by U.S. News and World Report may still be the gold standard for rating schools, other sources are increasingly using their own metrics to determine the best of the best. The AP highlighted, which collects data not just on the schools students chose to attend, but also on the schools they rejected […]

How Useful Are College Rankings?

Indiana University's campus in Bloomington.

US News and World Report publishes one of the most respected college ranking guides in the country and millions of prospective students and parents turn to this publication every year to help them decide what college meets their needs. But this year, the publication’s choice of research partners has sparked protest from many of the […]

The Top 20 Universities On Social Media (And One Very Angry Snub)

It started innocently enough — with a USA Today College article, and a question on Twitter: On the list:  Two Indiana universities, Butler and Notre Dame.  Writers credited the schools’ athletic programs as a primary driver of engagement with social media. Not on the list:  Boston University.  That set the Terriers barking — and within […]

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