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Five Tests That Could Replace The ISTEP+

State Superintendent takes questions from reporters after computer glitches ground online ISTEP+ testing to a halt in the spring.

Indiana students won’t take the ISTEP+ in its current form after 2015. But state education officials still haven’t decided what assessment the state will use next.

Low Enrollment Brings Letter Grade Results Into Question

North White Primary School has received an A for the last two years.  The year before that, the school received a D.

Remember report cards from elementary school?  Whole semesters spent filling out worksheets, taking tests, preparing class projects, writing papers– all of it adding up to a final letter grade. But what if instead, all grades were based on a single test?  For Indiana’s schools, this is how things are. It’s a predicament which causes superintendent […]

Mailbag: Controversial Charter Schools And Achievement Gaps

Our article about the controversy surrounding charter schools created some controversy of it’s own. Reader inteach expressed concerns about the non-unionized nature of many charter schools. Teachers are wary of charters for three reasons. First, they see them draining money and the best students away from traditional public schools. Second, they see the working conditions in […]

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