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What Goldilocks Can Tell Us About The Cost Of Implementing The Common Core

A new study from The Fordham Institute has been dubbed 'the Goldilocks report' for its focus

It could cost as much as $278 million for Indiana to adopt new academic standards known as the Common Core. Or it could cost as little as $68 million. That’s the conclusion of a new study from The Fordham Institute that offers three different price tags for the cost of training teachers and purchasing classroom materials to teach [...]

Q&A: Why Downplaying The Common Core Could Be A Bad Idea

Kathleen Porter-Magee studies the state academic standards for the Fordham Institute, an education policy think tank that generally supports vouchers, charter schools and the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. (We wrote about that last week.) She, like many education policy wonks, has her reservations about the Common Core. She worries the new standardized tests [...]

How Much New Nationwide Academic Standards Could Cost Indiana

A student at a public intermediate school in Anderson.

In Indiana and the 44 other states where they’re being implemented right now, education experts say the Common Core State Standards promise to affect everything: states’ evaluations of their schools, districts’ evaluations of their teachers, schools’ evaluations of their students — the list goes on. But successfully putting the new slate of academic standards into practice in [...]

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