Sortable Table: IREAD-3 Results By Individual School

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This table shows what percentage of students in each Indiana school passed the IREAD-3 exam in March 2012. The state requires every third grader to take the 40-question, 72-minute test of their reading skills. Students who did not pass in March were required to retake the test over the summer. Statewide, 84 percent of third graders passed the exam.

We’ve also posted a map of results for each school district, but use the table below to see how well an individual school’s students performed on the March 2012 IREAD-3 test.

You can search for a district or school by typing in the box below labeled “Filter.” You can also click the arrows next to the labels in the table’s header to sort the results by Corporation Name, School Name, or Percent Passing.

  • Stlawrence11

    All the Third Graders at St. Lawrence School (and St. Mary’s) passed the IREAD3.
    Good job!