Sortable Table: 2012-13 Educator Effectiveness Ratings By School Corporation

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Use the table below to search for 2012-13 educator effectiveness ratings by school corporation. (Click here for results sorted by individual school.)

Type in the “filter” box to search by corporation name. Educators listed under the “N/A” column did not receive a final rating for the 2012-13 school year.

Because districts pick their own evaluation systems, the category designations have different criteria across the state. In other words, an “effective” teacher in one district may have received a different rating if evaluated using different criteria.

Where’s my district’s data? Your local school corporation may not have been required to submit evaluation results to the state this year. Those school districts have been included in this table, but without data. For a full list of school corporations without evaluation results for 2012-13, click here.

* indicates district reported fewer than 10 teachers’ ratings, which have been redacted for privacy.